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Bethany Sehon

Capital One
Bethany leads a team of product managers, ontologists, data scientists, and data analysts, enhancing Capital One’s data management capabilities around metadata collection, quality and best practices. Bethany is also responsible for establishing the Ontology practice, a capability that is being used to facilitate a common understanding of the data and analytics across the Capital One ecosystem.

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May 06th 2020, 5pm EST

Q&A of Session 5 with Bethany Sehon, & Brian Donohue from Capital One, Radu Marian from Bank of America and Nicolas Seyot from Morgan Stanley.
One of the challenges in protecting consumer privacy and managing data risk is the ability to validate that privacy-related data from across our data ecosystem has been identified and categorized accurately and consistently. This challenge has become especially salient in light of recent legislation like GDPR and CCPA. At Capital One, the 2nd line is using standardized semantic models (ontologies) and technology to validate whether data is privacy-related as well as recommend privacy categories to data producers.