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Gavin Mendel-Gleason

Gavin is interested in improving the best practices of the software development community. He is a strong believer in formal methods and the use of mathematics and logic as disciplines to increase the quality and robustness of software. Specialties: Database implementation, logic programming, functional programming, type theory, logic, theorem proving, software specification.

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May 6th 2020, 12pm EST

Predictive analytics in inventory management has not been the traditional domain of knowledge graphs and semantics; however, it is a surprisingly natural fit. This talk will review knowledge graphs in the supply chain and look into the details of implementation. In our central case, using a semantic model, we build a ‘digital twin’ of a complex inventory management supply chain. Data from heterogeneous sources - including warehouse management systems, point of sale systems and weather data – are then imported into the knowledge graph. Using the graph we carry out analytics, optimization, scheduling and Monte Carlo simulations. A complex set of operations built around the central supply chain knowledge graph. The net result is a predictive analytic system that delivers real value to the enterprise (up to a 50% reduction in inventory). The knowledge graph can be extended to include product information and other central commercial data use cases. This presentation will draw on the production delivery of TerminusDB to the largest retailer in Ireland.

May 5th 2020, 9am EST

A hands-on tutorial that will introduce logic knowledge graphs via TerminusDB to those beginning or looking to develop their knowledge graph journey.