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Melliyal Annamalai

Oracle Corporation
Melli Annamalai is a product manager at Oracle. She has vast experience in multiple technology areas related to unstructured and semi-structured data management. Her current focus areas are Graphs, Apache Kafka, and Big Data. She works closely with customers as they deploy solutions using Oracle products. She is a regular presenter at Oracle Open World and other industry events.

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May 6th 2020, 2pm EST

Q&A of the 3rd session of the day with Paco Nathan from Derwen Ai, Topojoy Biswas from Yahoo and Melliyal Annmalai from Oracle

May 6th 2020, 1:40pm EST

Graphs provide a new dimension to managing and analyzing data, and enterprises are keen to explore and adopt this technology. There have been some barriers to adoption, including a lack of familiarity with graph query languages and tools and challenges in integrating graph analytics into existing workflows without using specialized silos. We will illustrate customer use cases from three different industries and see how they overcome some of these challenges to successfully deploy solutions based on graphs, enabling significant impact on their businesses. The use cases are the use of RDF for a semantic terminology server in Pharma, use of RDF for linking public data sets (Department of National Statistics in Japan), and use of Property Graphs for fraud detection (Paysafe, an online payments solutions company).