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Tutorial Modeling Evolving Data in Graphs While Preserving Backward Compatibility: The Power of RDF Quads

Modeling your data as a graph has a significant advantage: The schema does not need to be explicitly defined or specified ahead of time. Thus, you can add data to your graph without being constrained by any schema. One of the less recognized problems with data addition to a graph, however, is the potential for loss of backward compatibility with regard to queries designed before the changes are made to the data. Use of RDF Quads (W3C RDF1.1 Recommendation 25-FEB-2014) as your graph data model would allow schema evolution caused by data addition to your graph to preserve backward compatibility of pre-existing queries.
May 5th 2020, 1:30pm EST

Eugene I. Chong


Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle

Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle

Souripriya Das


Architect, Graph Data Management Software at Oracle

Architect, Graph Data Management Software



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