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Q&A Session with Paco Nathan from Derwen Ai, Topojoy Biswas from Yahoo and Melliyal Annmalai from Oracle

Q&A of the 3rd session of the day with Paco Nathan from Derwen Ai, Topojoy Biswas from Yahoo and Melliyal Annmalai from Oracle
May 6th 2020, 2pm EST

Melliyal Annamalai


Oracle Corporation

Melli Annamalai is a product manager at Oracle. She has vast experience in multiple technology areas related to unstructured and semi-structured data management. Her current focus areas are Graphs, Apache Kafka, and Big Data. She works closely with customers as they deploy solutions using Oracle products. She is a regular presenter at Oracle Open World and other industry events.

Paco Nathan


Derwen, Inc.

Known as a "player/coach", with core expertise in data science, natural language processing, machine learning, cloud computing; 35+ years tech industry experience, ranging from Bell Labs to early-stage start-ups. Co-chair Rev and JupyterCon. Advisor for NYU Coleridge Initiative, IBM Data Science Community, Amplify Partners, Recognai, Primer. Formerly: Director, Community Evangelism @ Databricks and Apache Spark. Cited in 2015 as one of the Top 30 People in Big Data and Analytics by Innovation Enterprise.

Topojoy Biswas


Verizon Media

Topojoy currently leads information extraction on text and videos in Yahoo Knowledge Graph which powers search and information organization in products in Yahoo! like Finance, Sports, entity search and browse. He has worked on Yahoo Knowledge Graph (YK) for 4 years on various aspects of creating knowledge graphs like reconciliation of source graphs, type classifying semistructured pages to right ontology types, ranking related entities beyond the obvious neighbours to name a few. Before Yahoo Knowledge graphs, he worked for Yahoo shopping on attribute extraction and classification of shopping feeds into large taxonomies of products.

Lightening talks from the Main Stage along with speaker Q&A sessions

May 4-7, 2020


Knowledge Graphs form an organized and curated set of facts that provide support for models to help understand the world. This conference gathers technology leaders, researchers, academics, vendors — and most importantly, practitioners, who know the discipline. For KGC 2020, attendees can participate from wherever they want in the world, from the comfort of their homes. We will stream the content, provide access to our speakers and support chat and networking as well as give access to all of the content live and on-demand after the event.