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Boost Your Graph with Semantic NLP

Boost your Graph with Semantic NLP: Nicole Moldovan from Lymba talks about the Lymba platform and how Knowledge Graphs help produce better results in this demo called Boost your Graph with Semantic NLP
Knowledge Graph Conference 2020
May 7th 2020, 2pm EST
UnstructuredData, NLP,

Nicole Moldovan


Director Lymba

As part of Lymba's executive team, Nicole helps companies implement actionable AI programs to extract value from their documents, contracts, chat logs, reports, and text repositories with sophisticated Natural Language Processing tools. A Fintech thought leader and experienced IT program manager, Nicole has focused her career on digital transformation for banking and insurance firms. She’s pleased to participate in the Knowledge Graph Conference and support her alma mater, Columbia University.



Silver Sponsor

Discover Knowledge from Text. Drive Your Applications. Lymba develops disruptive technologies for delivering state of the art Knowledge Management solutions. Lymba offers transformative capabilities that enable discovery of actionable knowledge from structured and unstructured data, providing business with invaluable insights. Lymba's deep semantic approach yields superior results over traditional IT approaches, eliminating 90% of manual effort in complex analytics and saving millions of dollars in total cost.

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Sponsored demo talks

May 4-7, 2020


Knowledge Graphs form an organized and curated set of facts that provide support for models to help understand the world. This conference gathers technology leaders, researchers, academics, vendors — and most importantly, practitioners, who know the discipline. For KGC 2020, attendees can participate from wherever they want in the world, from the comfort of their homes. We will stream the content, provide access to our speakers and support chat and networking as well as give access to all of the content live and on-demand after the event.