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Q&A with Huda Khan, David Kamien and Rafael Goncalves.

Q&A with Huda Khan from Cornell University, David Kamien from Mind Alliances System and Rafael Goncalves from Stanford University.
May 7th 2020, 3:20pm EST

David Kamien


Mind-Alliance Systems

David Kamien is the founder and CEO of Mind-Alliance Systems ( where he leads the company's efforts to deliver AI-powered software systems and research services that help clients make better decisions and work smarter. David Kamien is an author and inventor with unique expertise in improving information sharing and collaboration within and between organizations. David has a law degree from the College of Law and Business and a B.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Huda Khan


Cornell University

Huda Khan works in software development at Mann Library, Cornell University. She is interested in the design and architecture of linked data and semantic web applications, specifically in: (a) supporting usability through effective interface design and (b) enabling flexible interplay between different components and/or technologies. In the LD4P2 grant, she has focused on experiments around integrating linked data into library discovery systems.

Stanford University

Rafael Gonçalves is a Research Scientist at Stanford University. He researches methods for engineering and reasoning over ontologies primarily represented in OWL. He steers the research activities of the Protégé group, which develops Protégé and WebProtégé: widely used, open source ontology editors with rich collaboration features for Web based editing.

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