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Demo Causality Link

Leveraging a graph of causal forces acting on financial markets
Knowledge Graph Conference 2020
May 6th 2020, 2pm EST

Pierre Haren


Founder and CEO of Causality Link

Pierre Haren is the founder and CEO of Causality Link, a US company specialized in AI applied to Fintech. Pierre is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in France, and holds a PhD from MIT. He was the head of an AI research project at INRIA before launching the company ILOG in 1987. Pierre introduced ILOG on Nasdaq in 1997 and sold it to IBM in 2008. At that time, ILOG was the world leader in business rules and optimization technologies, with revenues of $200M per year, 850 employees and subsidiaries in 9 countries. Pierre then spent 8 years in IBM in the Software Group and the Global Business Systems divisions. He left IBM in 2016 to create Causality Link. Pierre lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Jeanette.

Causality Link


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May 4-7, 2020


Knowledge Graphs form an organized and curated set of facts that provide support for models to help understand the world. This conference gathers technology leaders, researchers, academics, vendors — and most importantly, practitioners, who know the discipline. For KGC 2020, attendees can participate from wherever they want in the world, from the comfort of their homes. We will stream the content, provide access to our speakers and support chat and networking as well as give access to all of the content live and on-demand after the event.