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Q&A with Thorsten Liebig from Derivo, Gavin Mendel-Gleason from TeminusDB, and Chen Yong Cher from Graphen

May 6th 2020 12:40 PM EST

Chen-Yong Cher


Graphen, Inc.

Dr. Chen Yong Cher is the CTO of Infrastructure at Graphen. He oversees Graphen's core AI platform, Ardi, and some of its cybersecurity and risk management solutions catering to financial firms. Prior to Graphen, he was a System Researcher at IBM for 12 years. He was a contributor to BlueGene/Q supercomputer and DARPA's PERCS and PERFECT projects, and coauthored over 25 patents and 40 technical papers.


Gavin is interested in improving the best practices of the software development community. He is a strong believer in formal methods and the use of mathematics and logic as disciplines to increase the quality and robustness of software. Specialties: Database implementation, logic programming, functional programming, type theory, logic, theorem proving, software specification.

Thorsten Liebig


derivo GmbH

Thorsten CEO of derivo GmbH since 2010. derivo is an SME that supports leading European companies including Siemens, Schaeffler and Festo to successfully build and implement Knowledge Graphs and reasoning technology in complex technical domains. Thorsten studied Computer Science at Ulm University. He received national scholarships to work at the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California and to finish his dissertation at Otto- von-Guericke University in Magdeburg. He also headed the international working group that specified OWLlink, a communication protocol for OWL, that became a W3C member submission in 2011.

Lightening talks from the Main Stage along with speaker Q&A sessions

May 4-7, 2020


Knowledge Graphs form an organized and curated set of facts that provide support for models to help understand the world. This conference gathers technology leaders, researchers, academics, vendors — and most importantly, practitioners, who know the discipline. For KGC 2020, attendees can participate from wherever they want in the world, from the comfort of their homes. We will stream the content, provide access to our speakers and support chat and networking as well as give access to all of the content live and on-demand after the event.